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Joining Crown Nepal Family

We take new applications twice a year. As our academics is based on semester system, we take new students in Fall (भदौ), and in Spring (माघ). Fall, however, is our primary admission time.

Adequate spiritual and academic qualifications have to be met in order to get admission into Crown Nepal. We provide scholarship and financial aid to the needy and qualified students.

Admission Time

We take applications in Fall (भदौ), and Spring (माघ)

Admission Requirement

Adequate Spiritual and Academic qualifications

Financial Aid Available

Financial Aid is provided to qualified students

The Application Process


Pray and Seek God's Will

We encourage every prospective students to pray and seek God’s will about joining Crown Nepal for Bible training. This is a big decision, and should be taken seriously. Make sure that this is God’s will for you, before applying for admission.


Fill Out an Application Form

Once you are certain that God wants you to join Crown Nepal, fill out an application form. You can download the form on our website or you can get a hard copy of the form at Crown Nepal office. Fill out the form in its entirety.


Review the Application Form

Before you submit the form, make sure all the information is correct. Review the application thoroughly, before you send it in. Make sure all the details are provided, and provided accurately.


Recommendation Letters

Submit the application form along with recommendation letters. Two recommendation letters are required for every student. These recommendation letters should be from your pastor, and church leaders.


Application Submission and Interview

Once the application and recommendation letters are complete, submit it, and prepare for interview. The interview will help us know more about you. The interview will determine whether you will be admitted or not.


Acceptance and Admission

After your interview, the decision will be made about your admission. After careful consideration about your spiritual condition and academic condition, the proper decision about your admission will be made. If you are accepted admission to the training center, you are officially admitted to Crown Nepal.

Online Classes are Available!

If you are interested in joining the online studies, please fill out this online form and submit it. Click on the link below for the form.

Download the Application Form, and fill it out in its entirety. Along with the application form, you need to submit two of your recent passport size photos.

Two recommendation letters are required of every student. These recommendation letters should be from your pastor and church leaders.

Tuition and Fees

Our monthly tuition and other fees are set to minimal, so that students from all over Nepal can afford it. Along with the monthly tuition, dormitory/hostel fee is charged for dormitory/hostel students. Other fees are needed for textbooks, notes, student ID cards, and admission fee.

Scholarship and financial aid is provided for the qualified students. We don’t want finance to be a hindrance for the legitimate students, who want to prepare for God’s service. The financial aid is offered according to case by case basis.

To know more about the tuition and fees, please contact us.

Please contact us for more details about admissions.

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