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Our Excellence for the Most High

We endeavor for excellence in our academics, because our Lord deserves nothing less. The curriculum is based on the curriculum of Crown College of the Bible in Knoxville, TN. Every course is designed to help the students not only gain bible knowledge, but more importantly to help them study themselves. We aim to teach students how to fish, instead of just giving them fish, so to speak.

Every course is based on the Word of God. We use King James Version of the Bible in English, as well as Nepali. We offer theology courses, and bible language courses. Our training is in semester system. We have two semesters in a year.

Programs of Study

Certificate in Theology

Certificate Program is a one year program. This is for the students, who are looking for short term study. The program will consist of two semesters. 36 credit hours of study is required for the completion of this program. The students participating in this program will not have formal graduation program, but will obtain a certificate after the successful completion of the program.

Associate in Theology

This is a two years program. 72 credit hours is required to complete this program. The students will graduate with the associate degree after the successful completion of the course.

Bachelor of Theology

This is a four years study program. Minimum of 128 credit hours is required to complete this program. After the successful completion of this program, the students will be awarded with the Bachelor of Theology degree.

Short Term Training

Short term trainings are designed for the students, who are not able to take longer period of training. According to the need and the situation, we can offer various levels of short term trainings. The area of training will be specific. The student might want to learn specific bible courses, or music, or even bible languages. This kind of short term training will be provided as per the need.

Music Training

We offer music theory, and music instrument training. We currently offer piano, guitar, violin, and flute lessons. Music training is offered along with the bible courses. Students also have the opportunity to sing in a choir. Choir practices are conducted every day from Monday to Friday.


We offer some Bible languages along with the English language lessons. Hebrew and Greek is our bible languages. We offer four semesters of ancient Greek, and two semesters of Hebrew. Students can also learn, and advance their English.

Trade Training

To help our students be bi-vocational ministers, we offer various trade trainings. At the moment, we offer Computer Basics, Graphic Designing, Music Production, Video Production, and Sewing. God willing, more trade trainings will be added in the future.

Our Class Schedule

We have two semsters in one academic year
Fall Semester: Mid-August to Mid-December (भदौ – मंसिर)

Spring Semester: Mid-January to Mid-May (माघ-वैशाख)


Our Regular Classes:
From Monday to Friday at 12pm – 4.20pm


Kathmandu School of the Bible and Evening Classes:
Every Monday and Tuesday at 5pm – 7pm

Dormitory/Hostel Available!

Student Life

Nepali Sign Language Training

Students at Crown Nepal have the opportunity to learn the Nepali Sign Language (NSL).

Christian Environment of Learning

Crown Nepal has a wonderful Christian Environment that nurtures the Bible learning.

Personal Touch in Our Teaching

One-on-one counseling and discussion among the teachers and students enhances the learning.

Why Study at Crown Nepal?

God’s vision is our vision. Our Lord wants Christ proclaimed to every nation, to all people. At Crown Nepal, we train our students with Gospel emphasis. Our academics are Bible based, Christ centered, Gospel focused with hands-on approach.

As God is always advancing, we continually advance with God. Every day about 1,600 young people leave Nepal in search of jobs. Along with the Bible courses, we offer trade training to our students. This equips them with the skills they need to be bi-vocational. We need trained Christian workers, who could earn their living and serve the Lord in the villages and towns of Nepal. This is our burden.

Join us today and get your Bible training with us! We would love to help and encourage you to grow in Christ, and prepare for God’s service.