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We invite you to join us at Crown Nepal for your Bible training. Apply today, and start your training with us. We would love to help you as you endeavor to serve the Lord of lords!

About Crown Nepal

Crown Nepal is a Bible Training Center (Bible College) in association with the Crown College of the Bible, TN. Our vision is to train Christian men and women to study the Word of God, and teach others also. Our local church is Kathmandu Baptist Church ‘Ebenezer’.

We train Bible Teachers, Preachers, Church Planters, Christian Workers.

Bible Training

We offer various programs of Bible training including Certificate in Theology, Associate in Theology, and Bachelor of Theology.

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You can learn Hebrew, Greek, and English at Crown Nepal. The bible languages will help a student understand the Bible in a deeper way.

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We provide music theory and musical instrument training. We offer Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Flute lessons.

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Trade Skills

Along with the Bible training, trade skills are offered. We currently offer Computer Basic, Graphic Designing, Music Production, Video Production, and Sewing training.

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Studying the Word of God

Studying the Word of God is one of the most exciting and thrilling adventures for every believer. It is such a joy to learn from the Word of God. Every believer must study to be approved unto God. We are to be life-long students of God’s word. At Crown Nepal, students are trained to study the Word of God in a personal and effective way.

Discipline for the Disciples

Discipline is a major part of our being. A christian life is a disciplined life. We are to make wise use of our time. Discipline helps us to make the most of our time. Our life is like a vapor. However long we have here on earth, we ought to live every moment for the glory of God. At Crown Nepal, the Christ-honoring discipline is instilled in the students.

Life-long Friendships

Friendship is one of the best gifts a person can ever get. Students at Crown Nepal are encouraged to develop friendship first of all with Jesus, and also with fellow-students. Jesus called His disciples “friends”. What a reminder of the intimate relationship we can have with the Creator of the universe! The friendships with the fellow-students can last a life time, and can be a great source of inspiration and encouragement along the way.

Growing in Christ

Every believer should grow in the likeness of Christ, day by day. This christian growth is possible only as we abide in Christ. The students at Crown Nepal are trained to walk daily with Jesus. Daily devotion is a big part of the student life. As they learn from the Bible throughout the day and throughout the week – in classrooms, morning and evening group devotions, chapel services, church services, and personal devotion, they grow in Christ. 

Teaching Others Also

We learn, and then we teach. We teach the things we have learned, so that those, who have learned from us, can teach others also. Thus the truth marches on!

Taking the High Road

It is not about choosing between the good and the bad, but choosing between the good and the best, and always choosing the best, which is an unending pursuit of our Lord Jesus Christ!

This is for That

We all go through divine unconscious preparations in our life. God is leading us, and preparing us for His divine purpose. Everything has a purpose. Nothing is by accident.

Pray and Support Us

You can be a part of God's work at Crown Nepal by praying and giving. We covet your prayers. Please pray that God would continue to use Crown Nepal in a mighty way for His glory in Nepal and beyond. We also invite you to give as God leads.

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